Til Jannie

Jeg ved ikke hvem du er, men du er dansk. Det fremgår af din korte kommentar til min respons på et blogindlæg på hjemmesiden Stop The Thyroid Madness under overskriften "The Scandal: Thyroid Patients are Speaking Out, Wall Street Journal" af d. 12. april i år.

Tak for at du har mindet mig om Janie Bowthorpes blogindlæg, og min kommentar til det. Og tak for at du mindede mig om, at også danske thyreoidea-patienter har behov for at kende til agendaen bag at nægte dem rette behandling, når den "godkendte" behandling har fejlet at bringe dem tættere på bedringen.

Mit svar på Janies hjemmeside belyser den mørke side af baggrunden for lægestandens massive modstand mod behandlingen med NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid) ellers kaldt for "thyroid ekstract", og her i landet "Thyreoid" fra Glostrup Produktionsapotek.

Flertallet af vores skandinaviske læger i bedste fald afviser at behandle os med NDT, i værste fald - anført af OUH-overlæger Bonnema og Hegedüs, Herlev-overlæger Nygaard, Faber, kollegaen Kølendorf, samt en række andre toneangivende danske overlæger - med næb og kløer bekæmper de alle NDT-behandlingen, som det også er tilfældet i andre lande.

Fra kommentarer til blogindlægget "The Scandal: Thyroid Patients are Speaking Out, Wall Street Journal":

"Having found STTM (STTM = Stop The Thyroid Madness Website/red.) several years ago I tracked down a supporting doctor in Australia who supported the treatments and use of extract. Unfortunately when I contacted my doctors recently I received the following email: “Due to a decision made by the Medical Council The doctor is no longer allowed to practise as an Integrative Medical Practitioner. She is now on extended leave in order to decide wether she wants to practise conventional medicine or retire. Access to a summary of medical notes is available if requested by another Doctor.” This is a disaster and shows how far the cause has to go as it’s clearly not accepted with the Australian medical system."

"Why is our illness a “menance” to the medical authorites? I live in Israel and it’s the same disaster here, it’s like a global conspiracy. The neglect in treating us borders a crime."

Mit svar til dem begge:
"On 23 May 2012, the Danish Thyroid Patients Association (Thyreoidea Landsforeningen/red.) held a Seminar at Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby. One of the 10 issues were the subject of “What the future holds”, and the speaker was an endocrinologist dr. Steen Joop Bonnema from Odense University Hospital. What this good doctor had to share with the audience is not the point here, but the most interesting was what dr. Steen Joop Bonnema said during questions after the lecture … when asked about the possibility of standard treatment with desiccated thyroid (NDT) manufactured by the only compounding pharmacy in Denmark producing NDT for the few Danish patients who are the lucky ones, dr. Steen Joop Bonnema said (quoted verbatim): “Fortunately it will soon be over.”

What dr. Steen Joop Bonnema knew in 2012, we didn’t know back then? Or rather: HOW COULD dr. Bonnema know already four years ago that NDT as a treatment option “fortunately will soon be over”?

Several events around the world since 2005 tell their own story … starting with regulatory requirements (FDA) for changing of Armour Thyroid formula og and many desperate attempts to make Synthroid (synthetic T4/red.) “housebroken”, as far Synthroid neither was approved or reliable. It remains unreliable, regardless of the FDA’s and the manufacturer’s continuous unsuccessful efforts to make synthetic levothyroxine durable and effective. And what about the huge increasing of prices so Synthroid for the first time in history will look cheaper than Armour Thyroid?

Everyone knows what happens to UK-doctors who treat hypothyroid patients in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath, but against the standards set by the medical unions in cooperation with the public helath authorities. In the Western world, the UK is the country where in fact most doctors beenig either stripped of their medical authorization, or committing suicide, or both. Therefore it does not surprise me at all, that the same is happening also in Australia.

The Scandinavian medical organizations, however, are content with only pursuing and firing doctors who do not obey the majority of their colleagues. Doctors in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark being fired, and even Denmark’s only top-expert in thyroid diseases were forced into sick leave, and everything indicates that he will not be allowed to treat patients anymore. Why? Because he and the other fired doctors has treated their patients as humans, not as a series of numbers on a piece of paper.

Viewed over the period of the last eleven years, what all of that does tell you? Ilana uses the word “conspiracy”. Is it right to use this word? President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Nothing in government and politics happens by accident; you can bet if something happened it was well planned.” J. Edgar Hoover said: “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

I say, FOLLOW THE MONEY, because not cancer, not heart disease, but the huge number of medical conditions and diseases arising out of the undertreated thyroid diseases, are an endless source of income for the world’s pharmaceutical industry, and for the industry’s henchmen in our society – the absolute majority of conventional doctors. As long as the absolute majority of our relatives are sitting with their fingers in their asses (pardon my french), and not helping us, and we are alone to fight for our lives, nothing will happen and our fate will also strike our children and grandchildren, and their children."

Kilde og nødvendig læsning for alle, der ikke forstår hvorfor de nægtes effektiv behandling af deres sygdom: "The Scandal: Thyroid Patients are Speaking Out, Wall Street Journal".

Håber, jeg snart får tid til at oversatte ovenstående til dansk, og ellers kan jeg forsikre at der findes klippefast belæg for hvert et ord, jeg skrev i mit svar. Gennem mere end ti år har jeg brugt det absolut meste af min fritid på at studere og lære af thyreoidea-medicinens historie, om fortidens medicinsk forskning, nutidens behandling, og jeg kan love for at Janies ordvalg i blogindlæggets overskrift (The Scandal) er ikke blot berettiget, men det er det eneste rette ord at anvende i denne sammenhæng: det ER en skandale, som levende menneske ramt af lavt stofskifte, behandles af flertallet af vores læger.